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Four Ways to Protect Your Family’s Health during a Long Power Outage

By Williams & Brown LLP on June 24, 2014

Power outages can happen any time of year. During summer, storms or rolling blackouts or brownouts caused by stress on the power grid can result in power outages. While most Texas families are used to power outages that last only a few hours, an outage that continues for days can put unnecessary stress on your family or even put you at greater risk of illness or injury.

Experienced Texas personal injury attorneys recommend that families prepare for longer power outages in order to prevent injury and protect their health. Here are four things to consider when preparing your household: Read the rest »

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Combine Safety and Fun by Teaching Kids to Swim This Summer

By Williams & Brown LLP on June 6, 2014

Nearly 400 children under age 15 drown in swimming pools and hot tubs in the U.S. each year, according to recent research from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Three in every four of these tragic accidents involve a child under the age of 5. Half of swimming-related injuries and 85 percent of deaths take place at someone’s home.

Because drowning is still the number-one cause of death for young children, the CPSC and dedicated Waco, Texas personal injury lawyers recommend that families teach children to swim. Signing children up for swim classes and teaching them at home are both options for many families. Because kids learn best when there’s an element of fun, add regular swim lessons to their summertime routine to build skills and encourage family togetherness. Read the rest »

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Four Ways to Stay Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

By Williams & Brown LLP on May 19, 2014

Memorial Day is just around the corner, and families throughout Texas will be enjoying the warm weather with fun and friends.  Help the people you care about enjoy their Memorial Day safely with these four tips from experienced Texas personal injury attorneys:

  1. Drive safe.
  2. Make sure everyone wears a seat belt on every trip.  Summer is also a good time to check children’s car seats to ensure they fit the child’s height and weight and that they are installed correctly.  Keep your cell phone available only for emergencies or when the vehicle is parked in a safe place. Read the rest »

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Are You Ready for Dog Bite Prevention Week?

By Williams & Brown LLP on May 14, 2014

May 19-25 is Dog Bite Prevention Week. If you have a dog or know someone who does, this week is a good time to review ways to prevent dog bites. Although most dogs are well-behaved, even the calmest dog may bite if it feels threatened or afraid.
Texas Personal InjuryIf you own a dog, keep these tips in mind:

  • Socialize puppies so they feel comfortable around people and other animals.
  • Train your dog to follow your basic commands, like “sit,” “stay,” “no,” and “come.” Always use a leash when in public. Read the rest »

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3 of the Most Famous and Influential Women in Texas History

By Williams & Brown LLP on March 18, 2014

Womens History MonthMarch is Women’s History Month. That means it’s time for us to reflect on the accomplished and influential women of the present and past. Texas history contains many storied women who were discoverers, innovators, developers, and generally brave and bright individuals who crossed boundaries, performed great deeds, and/or accomplished amazing feats. Reading these stories will give you hope and inspire you to overcome whatever adversity you may face in order to accomplish your goals. Read the rest »

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Daylight Saving Time is a Good Time for Safety Checks

By Williams & Brown LLP on March 12, 2014

Although millions of Texans turned their clocks forward this weekend, it’s not too late to use Daylight Saving Time as a good time to run a safety check in your home or workplace. Texas personal injury attorneys recommend using the “spring forward” and “fall back” times each year not only to change your clocks, but also to check on the following safety items in your house:

  • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. Replace the batteries in all your household smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms twice a year. Making this change when you adjust your clocks is an easy way to handle this important task. Read the rest »

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Four Strange Moments in Barbecue History

By Williams & Brown LLP on March 7, 2014

Texas Personal InjuryThe earliest known instance of humans cooking meat over a controlled flame took place roughly 1.6 million years ago. According to a Harvard anthropologist, eating cooked meats allowed our bodies to focus on the brain’s growth, since less energy was being spent on digesting raw foods. As our brains grew, so did our technological and intellectual accomplishments, culminating in today’s modern world.

Despite all the changes, cooked meats are still around, and people love barbecue as much as they probably did back then. The passion for barbecue in Texas is so great that the state has barbecue rivalries both without and within. Whether you’re a fan of the minimalist, meat-oriented style of Central Texas barbecue, or the chopped, sauce-based style of East Texas barbecue, you should find the following strange stories of barbecue history to your taste. Read the rest »

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Four Things to Look for in a Texas Personal Injury Lawyer

By Williams & Brown LLP on February 19, 2014

After a serious injury, even basic everyday chores can become difficult. When it comes to choosing an experienced Texas personal injury attorney to help you protect your legal rights and seek compensation, you may feel overwhelmed.

It is always easier to choose an attorney if you know where to start. Consider these four qualities when looking for an attorney who is right for you: Read the rest »

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Four Bizarre Events in the Winter Olympics

By Williams & Brown LLP on February 17, 2014

Texas Personal InjuryThe Winter Olympics at Sochi is well underway, and viewers from all over the world are taking in the many exciting spectacles it has to offer. You can watch Shaun White and other snowboarders perform high-flying feats and incredible death-defying tricks. If you prefer something a little bit more elegant, catch the figure skating events in which ice skaters show off both incredible grace and astonishing power on ice. Whatever you decide to tune into, you are sure to catch some godlike displays of physical ability, strength, and finesse.

And then there are those few sports that perplex viewers more than they excite them, the handful of somewhat obscure winter sports that make many people wonder who thought of them in the first place and how they even made it into the Olympics. Here are the four most bizarre Winter Olympic sports in past and present games. Read the rest »

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