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Legal Representation for Elder Abuse and Neglect

The devastation of nursing home abuse can compromise the physical and mental health of its survivors, not to mention also cause significant financial strain. Families of the elderly who are neglected or taken advantage of by those who were trusted to provide care often seek justice so those responsible do not walk away unpunished. At Williams & Brown LLP, our empathetic and experienced Waco, TX injury attorneys commit themselves to protecting the rights of our clients. To find out how we may be able to help your family, please call us for a free consultation at (888) 741-6200.

As upsetting as the effects of nursing home neglect are, it may be helpful for families to be proactive in getting as much legal information as possible regarding their loved one’s rights and options.

Getting Started with Your Texas Elder Abuse Case

For some, pursuing compensation can be part of the healing process and a way to seek closure. Wherever you find yourself, an attorney can help you understand the technicalities of the law to evaluate the best course of action for your specific circumstances.

Whether your loved one has been afflicted by a slip and fall; trip and fall; bed sores; infection; failure to provide treatment; misdiagnosis; failure to diagnose; improper training; understaffing; physical abuse; sexual abuse; financial abuse; or another calamity, you may have a valid case.

Compensation You May Be Awarded

In far too many cases of nursing home abuse, the elderly requires long-term medical care and treatment to recover from injury and/or illness. Hospitalization, medication, surgery, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and other medical expenses may be obtained from negligent parties through a claim or lawsuit. Getting this money can help relieve families of stress regarding how they will be able to pay for the treatment their loved one needs in the short or long term.

Damages may also be obtained for various forms of emotional distress for the elderly individual as well as family members. These are frequently the most challenging consequences of elder abuse and neglect to overcome. For families whose loved one suffered wrongful death at a nursing home, facility, or hospital, they may receive compensation for the pain and suffering their loved one endured in addition to what they have and may continue to go through emotionally.

For families, it is not about the money. It is about holding careless parties accountable and preventing others from suffering a similar fate.

Waco, TX Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Leveling the Playing Field for Our Clients

Elder abuse is not something negligent parties, or the entities they work for, are quick to confess. By helping our clients level the playing field with large insurance companies and major corporations, we apply the crafted skills and thorough knowledge acquired over the years of obtaining successful case results. We are diligent when it comes to building cases to prove negligence and recklessness that have resulted in harm befalling the elderly. Tell the Waco, TX nursing home abuse lawyers at Williams & Brown LLP about your case by filling out a contact form or calling our office at (254) 741-6200 or (888) 741-6200 today.

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