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We believe that the playing field should be level for everyone

That is why we choose to represent people who have been seriously hurt. We accept only a small number of cases that we truly believe in. We devote our time and resources to this fight for each of our clients.
Our clients are people and families who have suffered serious injuries or death through no fault of their own. We represent our clients against trucking companies, corporations, insurance companies, and hospital systems. We believe that the person or company responsible should be accountable for the injuries and damage that they cause. Accountability results in fairness and justice to the individuals and improves safety for everyone else in the community.

Dale Williams

Dale Williams


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Laura Brown

Laura Brown


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Board Certified

We are Board Certified Specialists in Personal Injury Trial Law. We are professors at Baylor Law School. Laura teaches Advanced Trial Preparation and both Laura and Dale teach Personal Injury Trial Law to Baylor law students.

We are trial attorneys

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Experience Matters

We have decades of experience in the fields of Texas personal injury law and medical malpractice law.

We know how to reach a fair settlement if that is what is best for you and how to fight the good fight if you are forced to go to trial.

Our Impact On Public Safety